Aweber and Me : Recut Story

Rachel H.: [9:14:22 AM] Welcome to AWeber Support. My name is Rachel. How can I help you today?
Sanjay: [9:14:22 AM] Check Not received
Rachel H.: [9:14:30 AM] Hello Sanjay!
[9:16:40 AM] Are you referring to an affiliate check? If so, can you please provide me with your affiliate ID?
Sanjay: [9:16:46 AM] yes
[9:17:47 AM] 388167
Rachel H.: [9:19:14 AM] Checks dated 8/17/14 were sent out last week on 9/15/14.
Sanjay: [9:19:29 AM] no not this .. my first check
[9:20:37 AM] that is back in 2012
[9:21:04 AM] i was ensured 2 years that i’ll get that and it take time
Rachel H.: [9:22:58 AM] I do apologize, however, we do not usually give a time frame of 2 years for recut requests. Recutting a check is a lengthy process and it does appear that this check is still processing.
Sanjay: [9:24:38 AM] yes 2 years is very longggggggggggggggg time
[9:25:39 AM] so may i except it in next 2-3 years?
Rachel H.: [9:26:21 AM] I certainly do understand what you mean and I am very sorry for any frustration. I cannot give an exact time frame on how long this process will take.
Sanjay: [9:27:04 AM] its already 2 years now
[9:27:42 AM] just say you do not wanna pay for this i’ll stop thinking about it .. no big deal
Rachel H.: [9:27:49 AM] I am sorry, we will notify you once the check is sent.
Sanjay: [9:28:54 AM] why it taking so mich time
Rachel H.: [9:29:58 AM] I do not know the specifics on this. It is a lengthy process to recut a check on our end.
Sanjay: [9:30:44 AM] 2 years is very very long time ..
Rachel H.: [9:31:26 AM] I do understand what you mean and I am sorry for that.
Sanjay: [9:32:30 AM] you already taken so much time so you should do this in days now .. otherwise aff. will loose interest in it
Rachel H.: [9:34:12 AM] OK, I will pass all of this information along for you.
Sanjay: [9:35:26 AM] ok thanks … now either recut the check within few days or mail me it will never come so i’ll stop bugging you ..
Rachel H.: [9:36:17 AM] I am sorry, I cannot guarantee we will recut this check within the next few days.
Sanjay: [9:36:56 AM] its ok only just mail me then it will never come ..
Rachel H.: [9:37:58 AM] We will notify you once this check is cut.
Sanjay: [9:38:11 AM] ok thanks ..

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