How to Recover Your Hacked Website

Recover Your Hacked Website

It is becoming quite common these days to see many people searching for how to recover their hacked website, especially those built with WordPress. This is a very recent unfortunate development occasioned by many dubious people on the internet but do not worry if your WordPress website had been hacked because there is hope of complete recovery for you. You would have applied some simple but very vital WordPress security tips and Plugin to avert your website from hackers but nobody is blaming you here but rather here are some vital website security tips that will help you to recover your website.

A Quick View Of What Hackers Do When They Compromise your wwebsite security Penetrate Your WordPress Administration Dashboard:

The sole aim of hackers is to destroy your years or months of hard work by comprising your website security and redirecting the visitors to your website to some unhealthy web destination. They achieve this by inserting some code into the core theme and files of your WordPress website, once they gain access to your admin username and password.

This may wipe out your years or months of hard work, especially if your website gets huge visitors on daily or weekly basis. If you find out that your WordPress website had been hacked, there is solution here for you and a lot more to protect your wordpress website further.

Simple Steps To Recover Your Hacked WordPress Website:

The very first step you should take is to replace all configurations settings and files that the hacker had earlier compromised. This will easily achieve by restoring the root directory of your WordPress from a clean backup.

The next step you will take is to look up your clean backup and restore your entire WordPress database.

Now, do you remember the FTP password to your website? You can change it immediately.

It is time to completely update wp-config of your website with a new password but that will be after you must have changed the password of your WordPress database

I assume you have other registered users in your WordPress website; if this is true, you should change all the users passwords.

By following the above simple hacked website recovery steps, you should have your hacked WordPress website back on the internet but note that backup is essential if you will get backup all your content. There are lots of other simple but important WordPress website security measures you need to take so as to avert the re-occurrence of your website being hacked.

There is absolute need for you to take more precautionary hack-proof measures to ensure your website security and  wade off the unwanted intruders because they will never tell you when next they will strike. Ignorance is bever an excuse for loses and yu don’t deserve to loose the content and investments you had labourosly put in  your wordpress website to hackers. We have some vital WordPress website Security packages that is tailored to suite you.

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