Why Do I Use Genesis Most of Time

With a number of themes coming out each day, it is very hard to decide which one to choose. With time it was pretty clear what I liked the most, and it is none else then the Genesis framework from Studio Press. The Genesis Framework has additional support and a lot of reasons due to which I can always count on it. I enjoy working with it and I would like to share what is so good about it that I recommend it to other WordPress developers.

The Genesis has an outstanding widget area, all to make your homepage look different and amazing. Due to the widgets, it has become so easy to upload images, enter portfolios, sliders or custom text. Adding all this to the homepage make the page enlightened. Another awesome feature of Genesis widget is that it offers ‘featured page’ widget. In Genesis, the spaces are set up in advance and all you have to do is set the page. Working with Genesis saves me a lot of time as well. With the beautiful themes and custom widgets, the deploying method becomes easy. In less than the time other options would require, I would make an appalling WordPress website with Genesis Framework.

When Genesis Framework is being upgraded, your website never goes down. The genesis has been upgraded since the time it was first launched – though it has never affected any users or minimized the speed of a website.

Genesis support is one thing that I would love to compliment about. Every child theme comes with a tutorial to help you set up your website like the one you see in the demo. If you are using a theme for the first time, this support can actually save your time.

Genesis is built keeping in mind about SEO. Genesis will use your Meta title skillfully and help you in ranking. As SEO is the most important part that helps bring your website to the attention of the audience, Genesis Framework is completely SEO Optimized. The themes are also optimized. It is up to you to decide which one is your favorite – you will get the same SEO qualities in every theme!

The Genesis Framework is also inexpensive compared to other Framework options. One of the best features I love in the process of buying Genesis is that you have to pay one time, completely. Unlike other frameworks, you don’t have to go to the developer option in order to waste your money. With Genesis, you can also buy the Genesis Child theme with the framework. This feature is exclusively available in Genesis. After the onetime payment, you are free! You will get all the new updates updated on your website automatically, free of cost.

One thing I hate about the internet are the Hackers. There are almost everywhere. If you run a number of blogs or websites, you would have experienced a hacker hacking your successful website. In order to fight with the hacking process, it is necessary to work with a strong base. The Genesis Framework has a dauntless and strong security force around its website. It is merely impossible for hackers to get in Genesis Framework. The intelligent team behind Genesis, works very hard to improve the system of Genesis and make it more secure.

Another great thing about Genesis is that you can use some awesome free plugins to improve your website on the whole. You do a lot of things by using these plugins, some of them which are Simple Edit plugins, Genesis Simple Hooks Plugins and much more.

Writing reasons on why I love Genesis is one difficult task for me, why is that so?

Trust me, The Genesis Framework has endless possibilities. For the people who love to save money, read carefully. The bloggers are also enabled by StudioPress to avail coupons that they release time to time. By the coupons you can get exciting plug-ins or discounts on Genesis Framework. All you have to do is look out for this awesome coupon. Don’t miss a chance to get these, start searching for exciting Genesis Framework Coupons now.

Genesis Framework is undoubtedly one of the best for your website – be it for SEO purposes, widgets, support, money or plugins. You will never be disappointing while using Genesis Framework. I can assure you that its quality is the thing that even the top most bloggers choose to work with it. Genesis Framework has it all covered for you. Try it, trust me you will love it.




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