WordPress Security Tips

Vital WordPress Security Tips You Must not Ignore

If You Don’t Want To Loose Your Years Of Hard Work to Hackers If you had been ignoring the need for vital WordPress security techniques for your WordPress website, you may have to blame nobody but you when your site get hacked. Saying this might sound quite distressful but the present day reality is that there are lots of hackers all over the internet. I am not an alarmist but just trying to state the unfortunate fact as it is. There is no need to repeat that once your WordPress website is hacked, you may loose all the content and attaining profits such site generate for you if you don’t handle it right.
The is should not be the case with you because there are many WordPress Security techniques and paid WordPress security and plugins we offer to help your WordPress website get adequately protected. It is glaring that about 50 percent of WordPress website owners doesn’t consider the issue of WordPress security till the eventuality happens. Your WordPress website is your investment and just like all other investments, you need well tested and trusted WordPress Security Plugins and tips. We are here to give you that and much more. Below are 5 essential WordPress Security tips you must consider while you go for our proficient, iron clad WordPress security package.
1. The first WordPress security tip we will quickly discuss here is the type of password you use on your WordPress website. I am compelled to talk about how strong your WordPress password is because it is the commonest mistake majority of WordPress website owners make. The truth remains that if you install the most reliable WordPress website security package but fail to use ‘hard-to-guess’ password; your website may still be exposed to danger. Here are few tip on how to properly chose the right password for your WordPress website.
a. Always bear in mind that passwords are case sensitive, so you should use both capital and small letters in you chosen WordPress Website password
b. It is also advisable that you use relatively long password to enhance your WordPress security because the longer the password you chose, the more difficult it will be for any unwanted visitor to guess.
c. Do not make the mistake of using your name, birthday or any other personal detail that can be traced as your password.
d. You can also use mixture of words, numbers and symbols as your password to enhance your WordPress security.

The importance of always having the latest WordPress updates can not be over-emphasized. You may not know this; but the WordPress team always have urgent reasons to update and discard the older versions whenever they discover any loophole in the former version. Leaving your website on the old version is like dropping down the WordPress security of your site and this isn’t advisable. You can still hide the WordPress version number you are using at any given time by deleting the readme.html file . This file is usually found at te WordPress installation directory and the WP page’s meta data. You can proceed to remove the WordPress version number for the WP header by altering the functions.php file of your WP theme folder. This is simply achieved by adding this to it:

<?php remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');?>

3. Your WordPress security may still be compromised if you do not consider the above simple WordPress security tips and get our reliable WordPress protection package. It one package that will let you go to sleep with your two eyes closed with every assurance that your WordPress security is intact.

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