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8 Major Differences Between ExtremeWP and others in the WordPress Optimization, Customization and WordPress Security Niche

When it comes to WordPress optimization, we are poles apart from all others for many reasons but we can be a judge in our own case here because there are numerous satisfied customers we have from all over the World who are happy with our packages and consistently enjoy even more WordPress security routine than they paid for. Yes, you read that right; we go the extra mile to over-deliver on all our promises because the sole reason we are here is to offer world class WordPress Security, WordPress optimization, WordPress Customization and many more.

Here are ExtremeWP, we are aware that many micro sites, freelancers and other expensive firms in the WordPress Customization, WordPress Security and WordPress Optimization are trying to copy what we do, because we set the pace but there is little or no room for comparison for so many reasons.  The very potent reasons why you should pick up our WordPress Security or WordPress Optimization package are not just because we make you, the customer our priority in all our WordPress Website service deliveries but it will be proper for us to outline feature benefits you will derive by staying in here and joining the league of happy WordPress website owners who are very happy with our offerings.

What are the Differences Between Us and Others When it Concerns WordPress Security and WordPress Optimization and other WordPress Website Services? A Whole Lot……….

1.]  Our Prices are very considerably lower than others:  The WordPress Security, WordPress Optimization and WordPress Customization services we deliver are not just World Class but hugely pocket-friendly too. It may interest you to know that some expensive WordPress customization firms charge as much as $20,000 for the services that are below our own peculiar high quality. The freelancers in the WordPress customization niche also offer their WordPress Optimization services in the region of $1000, while you will keep close to $5,000 to have your WordPress Customization services handled by some of the micro sites. Now, here is the deal we have for you, we do not just look at money but we value the joy you, as a customer derive in having your WordPress Customization service properly done and at a budget that suites you. That is exactly what we do here at ExtremeWP.

2.]  Another outstanding benefit you will derive by patronizing us is that we make use of unique CMS platform in all our operations and service delivery. You may not have known but the truth remains that majority of freelancer use CMS versions that may look like up to date versions but with blocked update mechanism. Same thing goes for the expensive firms that will offer their WordPress customization service with updated but branded version. This isn’t the best for your website because what it means is that you will be advertising their brands on your web pages from time to time after you must have paid them completely for the service they gave you. The micro sites are even worst here, because majority of them use CMS versions that are completely outdated. Here, at ExtremeWP; we know all these and that is why we offer you non branded and up to date CMS version at all times.

3.] We offer the most versatile CMS platform: The type of CMS that is used for your online presence goes a long way in determine how swift your website responds and how easily accessible it will be to your prospective website visitors and customers. It will not be enough to talk of WordPress Security, WordPress Customization or WordPress optimization without mentioning that WordPress on its own is much better than the Standalone PHP/HTML which majority of the freelancers and other expensive firms use. WordPress is also more better than the Joomla and other CMS the regular micro sites will offer you. Here at ExtreemWP, we offer you the best services on WordPress as our sole CMS platform.

4.]  Whether you use WordPress customization services or not, it is imperative to mention that you must consider the type of theme coding that will used for your website job. The freelancers out there will willing deliver your job with some complex and non secured coding while the other expensive developers may claim to give you secured theme coding but it will surely be a lot more complex than you can easily handle. The theme coding you should expect from many micro sites are not only non secure but will generally be too rough to give your online business a decent appearance. All these, affects your business directly because the ease of use of the theme coding will enable your customers navigate properly on your web pages and patronize your business, thereby increasing your profit. Bearing this in mind, we don’t only consider WordPress security in our theme coding but we give you one that will be very secure and user friendly.

5.]  We completely hand over ownership of the theme coding to you, the customer. This is unlike other expensive firms and freelancers where the ownership belong to the developer. Some micro sites will also offer you ownership of the theme coding but it may not be as completely free as the theme coding ownership rights we offer to all our clients.

6.]  We are unique in WordPress Customization in so many ways. We let you choose the theme you like but the regular freelancer out there will only purchase and offer you some custom theme just like those other expensive firms. It is vital to quickly note that most micro sites offer pirated themes which will be urger well for your website or business in general in the long run. Here, at ExtremeWP, allow you to make your options and we deliver to your satisfaction.

7.]  The graphics we will offer you are those you choose. This is also important because the micro sites  and majority of the freelancers out there will offer you branded graphics while more expensive firms will offer you custom graphics that may not suite your exact need. Here, at ExtremeWP, we let you choose.

8.]  We offer Search Engine Optimization for our clients while this isn’t the case with almost all the expensive firms because they usually charge clients for any SEO service delivered. The freelancers also offer SEO as separate service and take consultation fees while it is mostly completely absent in many of the micro sites. The excitement here at ExtremeWP is that we offer unique SEO to our clients and back it up with proficient training.